The Order of Rupert’s Land was established in 1984 by the Bishop of Rupert’s Land.  It is given in recognition of outstanding support and leadership in the Church.   

The Order of Rupert’s Land is presented by the Bishop of Rupert’s Land to deserving recipients at the gathering of the Synod.      

Members of The Order of Rupert’s Land 



The Rev. Dr. M. Louise Cornell

The Rev. Barbara Shoomski 


Mr. John Deacon Q.C.


Mrs. Joan Spencer

Dr. Christopher Trott


Rev. Canon Dr. Catherine C. Campbell

Rev. Canon Peter Flynn

Mrs. Gail Schnabl  


Mrs. Donna M. Cawker

Mrs. Cathy L. Mondor  


Mr. Bernard A. Beare  

Mrs. Susan Roe-Finlay

- 2010 -

Mrs. Heather Birtles

The Rev. William (Bill) M.W. Blackburn

Mr. James N. Warrener 

- 2008 –

Mrs. Myrna Brownlie

Mrs. Patsy Grant    

- 2006 -

Mr. William G. McKay

Mrs. Susan L. Suppes

- 2004 -

Mr. Robert N. Clarkson    

- 2002 -

Mr. E. Arthur Braid, C.M., Q.C.,    

- 1998 -

Miss. Mary A. Karle

Mr. Gordon H. Pawling, C.A.

- 1996 -

Mrs. Villa E. Baker

Mrs. Gladys E.T. Cook

- 1992 -

The Reverend Wesley L. Barrett

- 1990 -

The Venerable James R. Brown

Mrs. Vera Sim

Mrs. Diana B. Smith, C.A.  

- 1987 -

Mrs. Evelyn Bains

Dr. Lawrence Whytehead, M.D.

  -1986 -

Mrs. Janet E. Aime

Mrs. Thelma Wynne  

 - 1984 -

Mr. Arthur U. Chipman, Sr.

The Most Reverend Edward W. Scott

Mr. Donald A. Thompson, Q.C.