Archdeaconries and Deaneries

Archdeaconry of Portage-St. James            Archdeaconry of Wpg,MB-St. John
 The Ven. Karen Laldin                                      The Ven. Paul Lampman

Portage/Pembina Deanery                                Central Wpg Deanery
The Rev. John Dolloff - District Dean             The Rev. Gwen McAllister - District Dean

Assiniboia Deanery                                             Fort/Seine River Deanery
The Rev. Rodney Sprange - District Dean      Vacant

Archdeaconry of Selkirk-St. Andrew            Archdeaconry of Kenora-St. Alban
The Ven. Godfrey Mawejje                                The Ven. Naboth Manzongo

Kildonan Deanery                                                 Kenora St. Alban Deanery
The Rev. Valerie Christopherson &                  The Rev. Deacon Penny Cummine
The Rev. Brian Ford                                              District Dean
Co-District Deans

Matheson Deanery
The Rev. Patricia Ferris 
District Dean, Southern Region
The Rev. Deacon Cathie Clow
District Dean, Northern Region


David Labdon
  • Archdeacon of the Portage-St. James Archdeaconry
Paul Lampman
  • Archdeacon of Winnipeg,MB - St. John
Godfrey Mawejje
  • Archdeacon of Selkirk-St. Andrew
Naboth Manzongo
  • Archdeacon of Kenora-St. Alban