The EFM program was developed at the University of the South in Sewanee to enable baptized Christians (you and me) to relate their faith to their lives and ministries in the world.  

The goal of EFM Canada is to prepare lay persons to express, with confidence, by word and deed the promises made at baptism — to love God, to serve Christ, and to proclaim the Gospel.

Components of the EFM program include study of the Old and New Testaments, Church history and twentieth century theology. EFM students work individually (at home) on the lessons and then gather in small groups of 6-11 people led by one or two trained certified mentors. Each group meets regularly, once a week for nine months. These meetings are opportunities to discuss the materials of that week’s lesson, to reflect theologically, to worship together and to share our faith journey. There are no tests or papers to write — each person is responsible for their own learning.

The entire program takes four years to complete but as students only commit to one year at a time it is possible to enroll in each year (level) of the course as one’s personal time permits.

Information on EFM Opportunities

If you would like to know more about the Education for Ministry program in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land, if you would like to connect to a group or are interested in starting an EFM group in your parish, please contact  Susan Roe-Finley at  (204) 783-3357 or by email at The Diocese of Rupert’s Land currently has one active group:

Winnipeg: mentored by Susan Roe-Finlay.

Mentor Training If you are interested in becoming a certified mentor or would like more information, please contact  (204) 992-4200. There are currently six trained and certified mentors in the Diocese.  

Financial assistance is available.