Record keeping can be challenging for parishes! There are many considerations: knowing what records to keep, how to maintain privacy and security, and ensuring that the physical conditions for storing the records will help maintain their long-term preservation.

To help with this process, the diocese has created a booklet “Taking Care of Church Records” that provides general guidelines on record keeping. This booklet can be downloaded using the link below.

The basic records that need to be kept by a parish are described in Canon 25.

Parishes can also contact the diocesan archivist for support with record-keeping:

Archivist:  Mary Horodyski

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday: 9 am to 1 pm

Telephone: 204-992-4203  or  Toll free in Manitoba:  1-866-693-4418

Email:      Fax: 204-992-4219

Sending records to the diocese

Please remember to deposit with the diocese any completed register. As registers are unique and extremely valuable, please contact the archivist or the diocese to arrange a safe method of transfer.

Parishes that are closing need to deposit their records with the diocese. Please see Canon 19 for more information. Important: Please contact the archivist before sending any records to the diocese.

Preparing Parish Histories

A Guide for Writing a Parish History by Dr. Thomas Power (Professor Emeritus, Wycliffe College) can be accessed on the General Synod Archives website.