Epiphany Indigenous Anglican Church
730 McPhillips Street, Winnipeg, MB  R2X 1K1
Service is at 7:00 p.m. every Sunday.  During the pandemic the service will be once a month.  Please check our Facebook Page for the dates.
Telephone:  204-992-4202  Email:  uimd@rupertland.ca

Music Ministry - Music for Life
Contact:  Robert Miller  email: robmiller55@shaw.ca

Nantantawhehowin - Healing and Counselling Ministry
Contact: Kirsten Pinto Gfroefer  email: kpgcounselling@gmail.com

Wechetowin - Visitation, Blessing/Care Bags and Prayer Ministry
Contact: Rev. Deacon Tanis Kolisnyk  email: tanis_kolisnyk@shaw.ca 
For more information CLICK HERE