While 2020 and 2021 have been tough for many of us, it has been even harder for our Brothers and Sisters in Buganda. Our Brothers and Sisters in Buganda are strong, resilient people and they continue to prove that. 

Attached is our update on the Orphan Program, featuring a great story about Ronnie and how he took an investment from the Companion Diocese Committee and used it for a used bike so he could get water and firewood to make bricks to sell. 

We have gotten many questions on how our Brothers and Sisters in the Diocese of Rupert's Land can continue to help. Chris Barnes, the chair of the Companion Diocese Committee, tells us that Prayer, encouragement and support are the main ways we can help.

Prayer - Please use the Luganda version of the Covenant Prayer in Worship while in the parish or on your own. 

Encouragement - Along with sending encouragement through prayers, Chris and the committee are keeping in regular contact with our Brothers and Sisters in Buganda over Whatsapp. If this is something you would interested in, please contact Chris Barnes at staidans.missioncoordinator@gmail.com 

Support - This year(2021) we have fallen short on our fundraising goal for the Orphan's Project and would ask that anyone willing and able to donate, do so. We can accept cash, cheque, credit card and e-transfers through our office at 204-992-4200 or online through Canada Helps – using this link https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/the-diocese-of-ruperts-land/

Please watch the update video from Chris Barnes - Click HERE