What is Education for Ministry? 

Bishop Geoff is calling us to be a discipleship church. One way of living into this reality is to become a people who are seeking to know more about the Gospel and our faith, undertaking continuous learning to find it. “Education for Ministry” is is a well known program for facilitating this learning. 

This program is for lay people who want to grow deeper in their knowledge of the faith. Each week the group shares a common lesson on topics such as Spiritual autobiography or Theological Reflection.  The other part of the meeting is sharing the planned reading that you have done during the week, highlighting things that challenge you, or delight you, or made you pause.   

There is a year of Old Testament study, a year of New Testament study, a year of Church History, and finally a year of Theology, Ethics, Piety, and Ecumenical study. 

There is a Reading and reflection Guide which sets out the readings week by week and a list of texts for each year.  In addition, there are two books on topical subjects such as Truth and Reconciliation or Racism, or Climate Change that are read as a book club study  

The cost is $350.00/year plus the cost of the texts.  

Coordinator of the Program in Ruperts Land is Susan Roe-Finlay     sroefin@gmail.com