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On the afternoon of June 30th 2023 the delegates of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada discussed Resolution # A122-R1, which says;

Be it resolved that this General Synod authorize Pastoral Liturgies for Journeys of Gender Transition and Affirmation for use in The Anglican Church of Canada where authorized by the ordinary

The motion was carried as amended, adding the text “where authorized by the ordinary.

Trial Pastoral Liturgies were introduced to the Canadian Church about 2 years ago, the Diocese of Rupert's Land has explored their usage. 

Effective July 4th, 2023 Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft commended and approved for use in the diocese Pastoral Liturgies for Journeys for Gender Transition and Affirmation.

The Pastoral Liturgies, and letter from Bishop Geoffrey Woodcroft is attached. 

For an article written by John Longhurst at the Winnipeg Free Press, please click HERE