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Dear fellow disciples of Jesus Christ, 

The Diocese of Rupert's Land is committed to building and preserving a safe, productive, and healthy work enviroment. Everyone is entitled to work free of both harrassment and violence, based on principles of mutual care, respect and responsibility.

The diocesan policy in regards to a Respectful Workplace, has been developed and reviewed by subject matter experts and subsequently endorsed by the Diocesan Council. This policy complies with Manitoba's Workplace Safety and Health Regulations, and Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act. I forward this to you now in order that it be put into practice in all parishes and missions throughout our diocese. 

All employees and volunteers in a parish or mission are expected to read and understand the policy. All stipended/ salaried employees, wardens, chair of committees and members of Vestry are required to sign the policy indicating they have read and understand the policy (on the last page) and a copy of this acknowledgment kept on the individual's personnel file. 

A copy of this policy is to be made available in a fully accessible public space within the parish/mission physical space

Thank you for your support in ensuring that we all have a respectful workplace. 

In Christ, 


The Rt. Rev. Geoffrey J.J. Woodcroft