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Dear Disciples, 

 Greeting in the one who forms and shapes us into His Body.    

This letter is composed on the eve of my departure for the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury. I am excited to visit an historic and spiritual centre of the Anglican Communion, and to visit with 100s of Bishops from across the world. Might this be a time of great reckoning, as our part of the Body learns to answer God's call for peace, health and dignity for all creation. As stewards of creation this is one precious opportunity to hear, reflect and respond.  

An important piece of our work is responding to Lambeth Calls and charting exciting responses for mission and evangelism, peace and reconciliation, the environment and sustainable development, discipleship, and interfaith relations. Leaders from across the globe have worked to prepare these conversations. God's Church in God's World is our conference theme and title, I think it is quite fitting considering concerns and commitment our Diocese has demonstrated, especially though the pandemic. I remain hopeful that this conference may trigger renewal and revitalization throughout the Body of Christ for which we bear responsibility and care.  

There is growing concern and anger regarding the proposed reaffirmation of Lambeth Resolution 1.10. Know that I will represent and speak of the important work and ministry the Diocese of Rupert's Land has faithfully and carefully engaged through the last decade.   

I ask your prayers for the gathered Church, that it may hear and reflect God's call for us to faithfully steward in creation, and for hope as we again find our spiritual center in God.    

In Christ, 


+Geoffrey Woodcroft