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Disciples of DRL and MNO,
We continue to pray, we continue to offer financial aid through our respective agencies to the victims of brutal war. Let us continually join one another in this ministry.
We join with millions of people around the world in deep lament because of the ongoing violence, killings, and the hatred that fans the flames of war. In the peace of Christ, we call upon Disciples of Jesus Christ to write your local MP and Prime Minister Trudeau petitioning them to fervently support the call for ceasefire in the Land of the Holy One.

Dear Member of Parliament,
I/we write on a matter of great concern not only for me/us but for the world.
I/we am overwhelmed with news from the Land of the Holy One, Israel and Gaza, the violence and killing, of which I/we alone can do very little to affect peace for those involved. Yet, as a Canadian my/our voice is magnified and strengthened by our communal national voice.
I/we call upon you to support ceasefire in the Land of the Holy One, Israel, Gaza, and indeed all involved, as our fervent desire for lasting peace and healthy relations among all peoples.
Cc. Prime Minister’s Office 

By our vows in baptism we are obliged to live Jesus' life in the Body, making peace a reality by loving kindness, doing justice and walking with God of all creation. We are peace-makers.

Yours in Christ’s Service,
Rev. Jason Zinko (he/him)
Rev. Geoffrey Woodcroft (he/him)