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Executive Summary – St. Bartholomew, Winnipeg


St. Bartholomew Anglican Church in South Winnipeg is the spiritual home to citizens who live in Windsor Park, as well as residents in surrounding communities.  Our congregation reflects Canada’s diversity.  In addition to adults, both established and new, there are many teens and younger children in the pews.

Our purpose is to “embrace, encourage and empower people in their faith journey; to discern and participate in God’s work in the world.”  This principle is expressed in our vision statement: “We believe that God is calling us to maintain spiritual practices of love and inclusivity in a caring Parish”.

Worship services are held at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays.  Specifically, Holy Eucharist is held two or three times per month and Morning Prayer is held one or two times a month.  On a fifth Sunday, Morning Prayer is held.  All worship is followed by a period of fellowship in the upper hall; an important segment for the parishioners as it is a time for conversation, laughter, sharing concerns of and with each other.  During the week, Bible Study is held alternate Wednesday evenings.

We are blessed with a vibrant teen and youth membership, all of whom have been confirmed.  They participate as Crucifers and lectors, assist with slide projection during the service and meet for Noon Day prayers on Saturday.  We believe that expansion of ways to serve our Lord will be welcomed by them.

The parish has strong links with organizations such as Girl Guides and our independently operated Day Care.  In case of emergency, we are the muster point for Frontenac School and two nearby day cares.

Our church musician plays both piano and organ.  Her proficiency is outstanding. Expanding choir membership has started as two new people have expressed an interest.

Executive Summary – St. George, Transcona, Winnipeg

Located in the heart of the Transcona neighborhood, in the most easternly community of Winnipeg, you will find St. George’s Transcona. Transcona has a small-town feel about it. Multiple generations of families continue to live in the community. We strive to be a warm and welcoming congregation with a desire to discern where God is leading us through the challenging times in our world, our country, and our community as we are coming out of the Covid pandemic and realizing our numbers are not what they used to be. Worship is important to us as it fills our hearts and souls with the Holy Spirit as we venture through the week. We love our little church, our mixture of traditional and contemporary music complementing established Anglican liturgies. We value our sense of community, within our parish and within our community. We love to gather, to chat, to catch up with each other, to eat, to work, to share, to drink coffee, to laugh, to cry and just be together. As we journeyed through the pandemic with virtual services, Zoom AGMs, and Vestry meetings, we realized just how important being together, worshiping and working together in person was in our lives. We cautiously began the in-person services and felt the joy, love and belonging that wasn’t quite the same on Zoom. We have felt even more connected and treasure each moment more than ever. Our new incumbent will lead us as we work through another transition and begin our half time incumbency. A half-time incumbent is new for us, and we are open to learning different approaches for worship, education and gathering. Our new priest will help St. George’s to continue to be a family -oriented place to worship. They will appreciate the importance of the role of our church in our community of Transcona. Our new priest will build on our strengths and a working partnership with our lay leaders and parishioners. St George's Parish is a caring community with a deeply rooted faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Tradition is an important part of who we are, however, we are open to looking at our worship with fresh eyes. We are flexible and can adapt to changing circumstances when faced with a challenge. We don't take ourselves too seriously, knowing that we're not perfect. Even though the future is unknown, we are excited about what God has planned for us and are looking forward to beginning a new chapter in the life of our parish with a new incumbent.  


Applications for this position will be received until close of business on Monday, July 17th, 2023. For further information and the full application package contact The Ven. Simon Blaikie, Executive Archdeacon, at 204-992-4212 or email at