PWRDF is the National organization of the Anglican Church that supports international development and emergency work. The Primate, Linda Nicholls, is the President of the board of directors.

Website Link:  PWRDF

PWRDF is a member of KAIROS


Anglican Grow Hope – is a Diocesan initiative to support PWRDF’s work through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Please click here to see Bishop Geoff Woodcroft’s letter regarding the 2021 campaign

It has three purposes:
** To grow a crop in Canada to create revenue for the alleviation of hunger around the world through Canadian Foodgrains Bank and its member, PWRDF.
**To engage urban non-farming individuals, families, churches and groups in the farming process and in the alleviation of hunger in the world by inviting them to provide funds to cover the input costs of raising a crop in Canada.
**For non-farmers to learn about farming and food production in Canada, about the challenges of food production and about the people whose lives and health depend on food relief and/or food related development projects.