The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Canada) exists to encourage and enable the ministry of prayer in Canada. It is inclusive of all forms of expressions of Christian church life, whether they be lay or clerical, catholic or evangelical, monastic or secular, formal or informal.

AFP (Canada) seeks to be a teaching resource to assist both individuals and congregations to grow in the life of prayer. It seeks to increase and strengthen the companionship of Christian prayer throughout the world.


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Come to Pray: The 3rd Monday of the Month-12:00 CST - if you missed Our Primate Archbishop Linda Nicholls and our Former Primate Fred Hilz; you can see their videos below and others on the front page of the National AFP web page under Video on Demand.

June 2023: Archbishop Linda Nicholls on Aspects of Prayer in Life and Ministry

March 2023: Former Primate Fred Hiltz joined us in Lent to speak about St Cuthbert, an Irish abbot and missionary evangelist who founded the important abbey on Iona, which became a dominant religious and political institution in the region for centuries.:

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Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Canada)


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