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 Our Brothers and Sisters in central Buganda have a lot to celebrate and they are asking us to share in their Thanksgiving Prayer. We are inviting all the members of our Diocese to pray with our companion Diocese at 7pm on the 29th of January.

Here is a summary of the items they are celebrating

1.Silver Jubilee – It’s been over 25 years since the inception of The Diocese of Central Buganda

2. Five years of service from Bishop Michael. There are many achievements made during Bishop Michael’s service and we thank God for these;

·         Construction of a Bishop’s residence. The house is nearly complete and requires a bit more finishing work that they are fundraising for.

·         Pension House - It will be an income generating house that the funds will be given to church workers who retire.

·         Through lobbying by the bishop, the diocese got a number of projects approved from the president of Uganda and these include :

a) Paving the road from Kanoni town to the diocesan headquarters and all the roads at the headquarters.

b) 30 heifers and bishop distributed them in the diocese on the system of ‘send a cow’ that when a cow produces a calf, you give it to another person. That way, many will benefit.

c) 3 tractors which people hire to dig in their gardens. These have helped to increase acreage of cultivated land in the diocese.

d) A truck for use in diocesan work and also so people can hire it to do their work.

e)  The diocesan maize mill was revamped.

·         We shall also thank God for the good relationship with Rupert’s land diocese which has resulted in a number of achievements like:

i)The water project at Kasaka .

ii)  A health Centre at Kyerima in Mayungwe parish.

iii)The Orphans program.

Furthermore ,there are  other developments realized as well like:

a) A radio studio at Kasaka, established by the help of Words of Hope, a department from the Province of the Church of Uganda to help in disseminating the Word of God.

b) Gardens of banana and coffee planted at Kasaka to be used as for model cultivation to the community and also the diocese gets some income through selling the bananas.

c) A Health Centre at Kasaka.

d) Many people from the diocese have been trained at various theology and divinity colleges to clergy ship and lay readership.

e) New parishes have been put in place at Buyala ,Kifampa and Kasana plus new mission parishes at Muge, Bugula, Rwiguru, Bbanda and Kasalaga.


Please join us in praying with our brothers and sisters in Central Buganda for using the gifts they have recieved from God to help one another.